Air Freight


At Change Freight Forwarding + Consulting, our experienced team provides reliable, fully personalised, cost-effective air freight services to suit your time-critical domestic and international needs.

All our air freight is shipped on first-class airlines to ensure reliability and efficiency, and our services include customs clearance as well as the processing of all the necessary documentation.

Whether you are looking for a port-to-port or door-to-door delivery solution, we can help – and with people on the ground in many countries we can ensure consistency in our service levels around the world.

Our vast experience and robust infrastructure, combined with the trademark efficiency of our dedicated team, ensures we consistently provide an efficient, flexible and cost-effective global service with reliable transit times.

We are also proud to announce that Change Freight Forwarding + Consulting has recently become an Australian Border Force accredited ‘Australian Trusted Trader’ (ATT). Being a Trusted Trader brings an added advantage to our customers. Our demonstrated supply chain and compliance history means we are identified as ‘low risk’ by The Australian Border Force. Our ATT status, streamlines our processing through customs and border control and allows us to tailor our border clearance requirements to particular risks specific to each business and its respective goods.

For additional peace of mind, you can subscribe on our website to track your goods in transit. Our sophisticated tracking system allows you to you track any time.

You can also set up alerts for regular updates that will be sent directly to you

Some of our major air freight routes include:

  • Exports - From major Australian and NZ airports to Korea, Dubai, China
  • Imports - South East Asia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia


When to use Air Freight

Cargo is generally sent by air freight when shipments are time-sensitive.

Sea freight vs Air freight

The two main differences between sea freight and air freight are transit time and cost.

Air freight is obviously much faster, but more expensive.

As an example, transit from Australia to the UK takes approximately two days by air and around 40 days by sea.

Air freight and sea freight costs are also calculated differently. Shipping lines take into account the origin and destination combined with the products total volume (20’DC or 40’DC) and freight class.

Air freight rates are calculated based on the origin airport code, destination airport code, and the products total weight and dimensions.

Freight class is not used to calculate air freight. Air freight rates are based on a shipments per KG rate, and on the greater of either the shipments actual weight or the dimensional weight.

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